This cluster of portal barns and decrepit farm buildings was about to fall down when our clients first contacted us looking to start a farm restaurant and shop to sell their own organic produce and rare breed cattle and sheep. The proposal looked to facilitate a modern standard of restaurant without losing its agricultural heritage. Maximising its 270-degree views while minimising light spill and regulating solar gain.

The scheme holds:

A large Café/Restaurant/Deli

A large Market/Event Hall

Areas for the dry storage of meat

A large new garden and parking

Opening January 2023

tog hill farm restaurant under construction
sketch of farm restaurant at tog hill s
internal render of farm restuarant
internal render of farm restuarant

Sustainable Measures

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Natural sustainable materials and reused materials

Environmental construction policy to minimise chemical use and construction waste

Passive solar gain regulation/orientation studies undertaken during design

Electric car charging and allocated space for future battery installation

Minimal internal structure to allow future alteration

High insulation levels (low U and Y values)

Rain water harvesting to a large beneath ground tank

Biodiverse landscaping used

Farm Restaurant
Tog Hill, Bath/Bristol