The chimney on House on a Hill anchors the building to the hillside. Here it is looking melancholy in the rain.

Concrete cantilevered fireplace in open plan living/social space

Living / social space at House on a Hill with brick fireplace

Gable end rendered wall and chimney with windows

The anchor for our House in a Field is this gable which was designed in reverence to the workers cottages historically on the site.

render of rural house in fields

House in a Field 2.0 designed suspended above ground

House by the River entry hall, herringbone door and cantilevered chimney

House by the River’s curved dry stone wall masking the entrance point

House in a Field‘s gable, with windows on display, alongside Shou-Sugi-Ban larch cladding.

The Cottage‘s brick chimney pallet next to cedar shingles

Green roof on House by the River set against the backdrop of the concrete chimney.