Field House

When we first met the old barns, they were a dilapidated wreck of a model farm. The roof had collapsed, and nature was reclaiming the yard and buildings. Even under that layer of old rubble and rusty metal, you could see the wonderful build quality and spaces that remained below the brambles.

The brief was to create a modern family home, maximising the internal liveability whilst retaining the special character of the original building. A glass and oak entrance lobby was added with a flat roof to isolate it visually from the two original barns. This allowed us to retain each barn’s individual character. Screw piles were used to brace the hay barn to take the additional green roof load and simple concealed gutters were used to disguise the depth of the new roof with its thick new insulation layer.

The central south facing yard was designed to allow a significant amount of protection from all but southerly winds and planting was added to soften the hard landscaping, reclaimed materials sourced on site were used throughout.

A Ground Source Heat Pump was installed with Boreholes in the field beyond the inner courtyard.

overhanging gutter and timber clad
exposed beams in vaulted ceiling
external red brick farm building rural conversion
green roof on rural farm building conversion
curved ceiling in living space
fireplace with timber mantelpiece
red brick gable of rural conversion
rural conversion courtyard with gravel and lawn landscaping

Sustainable Measures

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

Natural sustainable materials and reused materials

Environmental construction policy to minimise chemical use and construction waste

Electric car charging and allocated space for future battery installation

High insulation levels (low U and Y values)

Home working space

Biodiverse landscaping used

Rural Barn Conversion
Chippenham, North Wiltshire