Plot 2

Initially, we studied several historical and contemporary solutions to sites where the southernly aspect also had reduced privacy; one of the fundamental tenets of all homes is the division of public and private space, ensuring the comfort of the occupants. Initially, a Portuguese style gatehouse was considered but this was overly dominant on the rural lane so instead the garden wall was devised as a dominant manifestation of the division. Inside the wall, people are invited to enter and the house exposes its true form with its courtyards and vistas but outside the wall, the structure was extroverted to emphasize the disconnect between the internal and external spaces.

Being home for one of our directors we could take our time on the construction, allowing a significant volume of reclaimed, reused and upcycled material. The wall is formed of rammed stone dust (waste from the stone quarried for Plot 1) which was studied at length to minimise cement and chemical usage in its various vestiges. The lower ground floor uses a reclaimed drystone battered and biodiverse wall with openings formed in stone dust. The top floor is a slatted local oak cladding reducing used volume and contrasting with the mass of the lower ground floor and wall.

Timber clad entrance to Plot 2

Sustainable Measures

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Photovoltaic panels

Natural sustainable materials and reused materials

Environmental construction policy to minimise chemical use and construction waste

Electric car charging and allocated space for future battery installation

Minimal internal structure to allow future alteration

High insulation levels (low U and Y values)

Home working space

Rain water harvesting to a large beneath ground tank

Biodiverse landscaping used

Chippenham, North Wiltshire

Eco New Build House