Our head office on Union Road is already for the summer sun with its new solar shading on the windows. Just need some sun now.

Old Ashley Hill  showing off its multi-coloured garden gate with overhanging foliage

Mangotsfield Folly is finally complete after many years of planning. An imaginary lovechild of Prouve, Mari and Judd, this structure will stand for just 1 year and be home to multiple local artists. Images courtesy of @charlesemerson_

Gable end rendered wall and chimney with windows

The anchor for our House in a Field is this gable which was designed in reverence to the workers cottages historically on the site.

So lovely to see our House in a Field settling in today! Nearly finished.

The Cottage’s canopy using a combination of expressed and blended junctions to emphasise its horizontal nature.

Not long now till Chippenham Climbing Centre opens. Lovely to see the details coming together! @chippenhamboroughlands @tca_thearc

House on a Hill looking great from the sky. Drone angles from @pete.helme

The detail on the Chippenham Climbing Centre is coming together. This view is of the front entrance passage.

Lovely to see one of our small extension projects nearing completion!

cantilevered overhanging gutters with chains

Cantilevered gutters with chains at our house in a field are finished now we just need some rain… luckily it’s the British summer.