Mangotsfield Folly is finally complete after many years of planning. An imaginary lovechild of Prouve, Mari and Judd, this structure will stand for just 1 year and be home to multiple local artists. Images courtesy of @charlesemerson_

Social space at Plot 2 underneath a vaulted ceiling.

Plot 3’s stairs are so beautiful you want to carry a photo of them in your wallet!! Captured here in all its subtleties of light and absence.

Playful colours at the Chippenham Climbing Centre

Climbing centre materiality details.

The chimney on House on a Hill anchors the building to the hillside. Here it is looking melancholy in the rain.

Intended as a communal hub, the Climbing Centre Cafe is accentuated with the bespoke joinery counter.

Glazed 3 storey elevation at Old Ashley Hill in Bristol

Concrete cantilevered fireplace in open plan living/social space

Living / social space at House on a Hill with brick fireplace

Gable end rendered wall and chimney with windows

The anchor for our House in a Field is this gable which was designed in reverence to the workers cottages historically on the site.

Bath in the trees at House on a Hill.

Cantilevered down-pipe and gutter at Plot 2 with the gables.

end gable fully glazed three storeys

So lovely to see our House in a Field settling in today! Nearly finished.

architects that build

architects that build